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amsterdam live – darya’s zoo casting

Duration: 0.14 hours

Category: dog sex

Download Price: €14.95

Darya is a shy teen mom who contact us by email. If we were willing to give her 500 euro and pay for her flight to amsterdam she was willing to have sex with an animal. She already watched some of our Amsterdam Live bestiality movies and although she hadn’t had sex with a dog before this money-minded girl wanted to give up her moral ethics to pay the rent.

So as this was clearly a money-only solution for this girl we decided to make this beast movie as cheap as possible: a cheap whore fits perfectly in a cheap off-the-strip hotel 🙂

This video is part of her casting scene. It lasts for around 15 minutes and we see Darya getting introduced to our porn dog Rat. He sniffs a bit to get a glimps of her body smell and purely based on instinct he starts humping the russian girl. Lovely!


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