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beasty wilma goes dutch – with midget bonus – rare uncut footage

Duration: 0.42 hours

Category: dog sex

Download Price: €24.95

One of the most rare zoo sex videos of the planet. The movie starts off prety weird with a dutch midget singing a song in someone’s garden while half of the neighborhoud is watching the freakshow with some alcoholic beverages in their hands.

Then the cameraman moves to the right where one of the neighbors, a beautiful skinny readhead undresses herself. Totally naked and without any shame she lies down on the table – in the middle of the garden – and shows the audience her intimate body parts. The dutch woman gets horny and starts to masturbate while at the same time she continues a long conversation with her friends and family lol

If that isn’t weird enough one of the male spectators screams for his dog and within seconds – and im not sure were the beast is coming from – a huge hairy monster arrives the stage. The animal looks friendly at first sight, but he doesn’t want to start a conversation like the rest… no this dog seems to have one purpose only: fucking this woman in the open air while all her friends are watching.

It’s a dutch spoken movie, a real collectors item. It’s real, uncut and has never been released to the internet in this complete form before!!



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