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Dog sex22 Videos

amsterdam live – ksenia’s zoo casting

Short haired girl from a small village near Moscow, russia. Ksenya isn't the most prety woman we invited to our bestiality brothel, but you know what they say: ugly girls are the horniest!

amsterdam live – inga’s zoo casting

Inga a petite girl from Moscow, Russia tried to seduce our dog Rat. She took on some hot looking white lingerie and a pushup bra to make her tiny tits look cute. She didn't say much and I personally doubt if she enjoyed our four-legged friend's companionship but okay... all these russian dog bitches are the same: when you put some money on the table they turn into obedient sexmachines.

amsterdam live – alina’s zoo casting

An incredible hot teeny from Moscow spreads her legs to enjoy Rat's tongue for the very first time. The view is perfect: sexy black lingerie, stockings a huge danish dog and a flag from Holland on the background.

beasty wilma goes dutch – with midget bonus – rare uncut footage

One of the most rare zoo sex videos of the planet. The movie starts off prety weird with a dutch midget singing a song in someone's garden while half of the neighborhoud, friends and family are watching the freakshow with some alcoholic beverages in their hands.

amsterdam live – mariya’s zoo casting

Another short-haired girl, this time a blonde, enjoys Rat's sex skills. Although i normally prefer girls with long hair this horny teen become on of my personal favorites. I can't tell you why exactly, well maybe due to her seed-asking eyes and perfect body, but she just has the x-factor for me.

amsterdam live – darya’s zoo casting

Darya is a shy teen mom who contact us by email. If we were willing to give her 500 euro and pay for her flight to amsterdam she was willing to have sex with an animal. She already watched some of our Amsterdam Live bestiality movies and although she hadn't had sex with a dog before this money-minded girl wanted to give up her moral ethics to pay the rent.

Riding my husky

Fabio the porndog is leashed to the wall while just a few centimeters away he sees a completely naked brazilian girl spreading her legs and showing him all her goods. She isn't the pretiest girls we have casted but for some reason i find this brazil cute as fuck.

lesbians and dogs

Oleca is a skinny girl from Hungry. Today she has invited one of her dearest friends. The other girl who is also skinny as fuck is just as wild and horny as Oleca. Both girls love perverted sex with animals.

My maid and our dog

Chunky brazilian girl is doing the dishes while her husky dog comes walking in. Instantly you see the girls' nipples getting rock hard and the dog on his turn starts to bark like he is saying: "im ready for you bitch".

amsterdam live – anouska’s zoo casting

Although this isn't a very long movie we had to share this one with you as we know you all love the amsterdam live series. As always Rat is doing his thing again, this time he tries to bang his stiff rod in a russian supermodel's pussy... yummi!