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Jack and his dog

Duration: 0.52 hours

Category: dog sex

Download Price: €24.95

Meet Jack a salesman from europe. As his job eats mosts of his energy during the week he needed to find a way to relief himself from all the business stress. So whats better then fooling around with you most loyal companion? Right, and that is exactly what this bloke is doing.

Every weekend he gets naked, jumps on his bed and invites his dog to his brown pleasure hole. The dog doesnt like the smell of shit but a tight male asshole is something he just cant resist. Its incredible to see this wild beast fucking this horny guy for more then an hour. That’s what i call gay beastiality!

Besides some animal dogfucking the dog also licks his cock and balls… just see it as an extra service for banging the hell out of this silly guy.


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