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lesbians and dogs

Duration: 1.02 hours

Category: dog sex

Download Price: €24.95

Oleca is a skinny girl from Hungry. Today she has invited one of her dearest friends. The other girl who is also skinny as fuck is just as wild and horny as Oleca. Both girls love perverted sex with animals.

The movie which has a running time of more than an hour is of great quality and starts with a nice masturbation show. One of the girls spreads her legs and shows us her recently shaven pussy. Im not sure if she did it for us or for the dog, but anyways her sexpet sure love to see her bald cunt.

Normally you would expect an animal blowjob first, but these crazy girls are so fucking horny that they almost force the dog’s knot into their tiny pussies. Hear them moan while he starts humping these teens…that’s just amazing!

Once the dog gets tired the girls turn him around and start to suck his slimey red boner in turns…


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