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amsterdam live – mariya’s zoo casting

Another short-haired girl, this time a blonde, enjoys Rat's sex skills. Although i normally prefer girls with long hair this horny teen become on of my personal favorites. I can't tell you why exactly, well maybe due to her seed-asking eyes and perfect body, but she just has the x-factor for me.

My maid and our dog

Chunky brazilian girl is doing the dishes while her husky dog comes walking in. Instantly you see the girls' nipples getting rock hard and the dog on his turn starts to bark like he is saying: "im ready for you bitch".

The Devil’ s Dog

The Devil's Dog is a hardcore dogsex video. The star of this movie has a fantastic hot body... and a bit of an ungly face. We call that a PLORK in Holland, which roughly translated stands for "perfect body, terrible face". But nobody is perfect, and trust me, when you look at the total package this girl offers you will fall in love instantly, she is that hot!