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The return of Zoo Latinas

Duration: 17 minutes

Category: dog sex

Download Price: 14.95

One of my favorite bestiality models. The real diehard fans and long time members might know this girl already as we seen her showing up in the movies Dog likes black pussy and Two dogs is not enough from the Zoo Delight series. We knew we had shot more footage of this brazilian babe, but it had been lost during the years. Untill a few weeks back! I was busy resorting all our videos (to check for unreleased content, lost movies, pictures and stuff like that) at our new warehouse, when my eyes suddenly got attracted to a big white box with the text “Zoo Latinas” on it. Totally excited, as if i was just given a dirty christmas present, i dived into the surprise box like a motherfucker… then about 2 minutes later… i found the miracle of life: all the original master tapes!

For the people who are new in the world of animal sex: during the 90’s the website was launched by BFI. A site dedicated to beautiful latina girls who shared their sexual passion with dogs. The years that followed, basically till around 2013 or so, the site became bigger and bigger, eventually filled with over 100 extreme dogsex videos, and a bunch of latin horseporn movies. All made in brasil.

Now we had found the original master tape, i was able to select all the scenes that where never released and/or where lost during the years. But as the original movie is shot a long time ago, we couldn’t convert it to hd quality, but the final end result of this new footage is prety good. It is a mix of never seen before scenes and better quality rerendered footage.

Ok, back to the movie. We see a very young latina girl with floppy tits and a bit of a chubby body. This doesn’t sound too good, but her perfect, beautiful eyes and her teenage-look compensate it – assuming you dont like teabag titties – all with ease. Just trust me! While this hot babe is fully focussed on blowing a small k9 dog a curious friend of her – another hot brazilian hottie – joins this amazing teen blowjob party. And although the dog is prety small, he has a remarkable big red cock which squirts cum like a Las vegas fountain show. In turn the sluts share the dog’s knot and its genitals, exchange saliva, spit and dogcum, and well… let’s just say both have a fulltime job pleasing this wild pet.

Once the dog has dumped two shots of his seemen into the girls throats, they give him some rest. This gives them the opportunity to get their pussies wet and ready to go… because these sluts know, in a few minutes they finally get to experience the feeling of a big warm knot in their filthy teen cunts. Enjoy!


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